Being a huge fan of music, one day I decided to not just be a fan but to create my own. In the beginning I did it purely for a release, it felt good to be able to manipulate my energy into song and have an end result that I could listen to and look back on. It wasn’t until I shared my music with a close friend and his enthusiastic response ignited a hope and the decision that others might enjoy my music as well.
– Brody Ryan

A majority of the greatest recording artist in history are there because they excelled in a particular genre of music. Fewer are there because they excelled in more than one. As an artist, to limit yourself to just one style can be a great move but to be open and experiment in many, is bold. Brody Ryan's musical influences and passion moves him to get his feet wet in many genres. Basing his style not off of what is trendy but rather what moves him is what separates his music from others. Talking with listeners you’d get statements like, “His music is like Passion Pit meets Kid Cudi meets The Postal Service.” And even then it doesn’t quite narrow it down. Lyrically he paints the perfect picture for fans. Writing all of his own lyrics from life experiences, listeners are able to both relate and be entertained at the same time.

His given name is Brody Ryan Curtis and he’s a Columbus, Ohio native. He earned a degree in Art and Graphic Design at Bowling Green State University. It was there that he picked up a camera and discovered his one of many passions, photography. Using his knowledge from graphic design and taking advantage of his celebrity acquaintances he gained respect and recognition for photography shooting such artist as Young Chris (Roc-a-fella Records), Trouble Andrew, Roxy Cottontail and Chip The Ripper, just to name a few. Using photography as a creative outlet was soon shadowed with another creative endeavor.

After years of looking through the camera he put his lens into focus and no longer doubted his true form of self-expression…

Initially, he became a member of an electro hip-hop stylized group called, Tha Steez. They performed at several shows sharing the same stage as popular act, Chip Tha Ripper and getting positive reactions from crowds across the Mid-West region. It was then that Brody Ryan, Formerly under the alias, Shy F.A.M.E. (Find A Meaning in Everything), developed his powerful stage persona and found his confidence performing for large audiences. Unfortunately, one of the members was arrested and soon following the band fell apart leaving him to start at ground zero.

However, having to start over wasn’t devastating enough to end his ambitions. Instead, he pressed on with higher hopes and a greater desire to better himself as an artist. Now solo, Brody Ryan has been performing shows and working hard in the studio to continue building his buzz. Most recently, he performed sharing the same stage as Mike Posner and Big Sean in front of a sold out, jam packed audience of enthusiastic fans. After a demand for new music he pleased fans with the release of his debut six track EP, “Dawn of the X-Ordinary” which was co-signed by one of the biggest DJ’s in the country, DJ E-V. He has rocked huge crowds all over the country and is the official 96.5 KISS FM DJ. This past year he was awarded best mixtape of 2009 by MTV for his critically acclaimed mixtape titled “Dat Kid from Cleveland."

Brody Ryan has promising future ahead and we invite you music fans to join the journey!